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When searching the web for the best socks, you look for three things: Qualityvalue, and speed. Today immediately is not quick enough, and a fast delivery is requested by most customers. We deliver on that speed, value & quality!

If you are sockless in Seattle, and about to travel clear across the country to meet your future soul mate, you want to make sure your soles are warm and comfy. Nothing makes a worst first impression than saggy socks. All that material pooled around your ankles, with your boney, hairy legs bared for all eyes to see.

What’s a guy to do? Look for the best socks available online, then choose between ordering either ankle, crew, dress, or diabetic ones. Or all of them, if decisions are not your strong suit. Each style is designed for a specific purpose, be it working, playing, first dates, or getting married. 

Which Sock is Right for You?

Ankle socks are low-cut for comfort in summer, crews socks afford a bit of warmth for the lower legs in cooler climates. Dress socks are the choice for business, or serious pleasure, even both when the opportunity arises, perhaps attending your boss’s wedding or funeral. Each style of sock is a multitasker, and the diabetic sock protects your tender feet from blisters during the day, then keeps them warm and cozy on a cold winter’s night. They all also do double duty as great for playing footsie with your new mate.

All of our socks are knit from the finest yarns. Cotton for comfort, polyester for strength, Spandex to hold them up during the most strenuous exercise. They are top quality, from the day you first slip them on, and will continue to perform after hundreds of trips through the washer. 

Value is important, and the best socks are priced low enough that buying bulk means big savings for the family. Many savvy shoppers use the savings to order extras as a donation to their local homeless shelter.