Ankle Socks for Men and Women

Ankle Socks for Men and Women

Ankle Socks for Men and Women

They say, “cold feet means a warm heart.” Maybe so, but sleeping with frigid toes is a bone-chilling experience. When winter winds rattle the window panes slip on a pair of ankle socks for men and women, and you’ll slumber as cosy as a baby in footie pajamas.

Our ankle socks for men and women are knit from moisture-absorbing cotton, polyester to wick it away, a touch of Spandex for stretch, and come in three sizes for a perfect fit. These are not cheap, shapeless tubes, just sewn shut with a blister-in-waiting seam. Ours have a full-fashion knitted heel and toe, and a ribbed cuff for perfect fit, and all-day comfort. Available in three sizes to assure they’ll feel like a second skin. Compare these ankle socks to brand names at three times the price.

But ankle socks are not just a summertime foot covering. They’re golf club covers as well, and emergency hot mitts, as well as a dust cloth for fragile antiques. Wear a pair on your hands when polishing the silverware and your Sterling jewelry.

Slip ankle socks on soda cans and sweating ice-filled glasses, to protect the furniture. Keep a few handy by the kitchen sink as dish cloths, and in the powder room, as well. In the shower ankle socks work like loofa mitts to scrub away dirt and grime. Fill a sock with soap slivers to save money.

Crafters can and do find a thousand ways to turn ankle socks into extra cash. At Bulk Socks Wholesale prices even the kids can find ways to amuse themselves with ankle socks on a rainy day.

Sports teams, non-profits, and homeless shelters can affordably purchase 480 pairs of ankle socks for men and women at less than the cost of a candy bar per pair.

Ankle Socks for Men and Women
Ankle Socks for Men and Women
Ankle Socks for Men and Women
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“Santa Claus leaves a pair in our Christmas stockings!”

D. O. Taos, NM

Each year we place a large order with, and sell them as fund-raisers for our choir trip to DC.”

Mrs. F, Bethesda, MD

“My church sends them to our soldiers serving overseas.”

G.H. Houston, TX