Diabetic Socks for Men and Women

Diabetic Socks for Men and Women

Diabetic Socks for Men and Women

We call them diabetic socks for men and women, but these special socks are recommended for people suffering from the effects of not only diabetes, but circulation issues, edema, and neuropathy as well. For most of us socks get little thought, other than is a there a clean pair in our dresser each morning.

Best Diabetic Socks For Men

Crew length socks are constricting, and this can account for leg pain due to poor circulation

. Diabetic socks are entirely different products. They are designed to treat the many health issues of diabetes. The open weave fabric promotes foot breathability. It wicks moisture away, which keeps feet dry and protected from blisters. The non binding cushioning of the polyester yarn prevents constriction of blood vessels in the legs. Blood circulation in the legs and feet is vital to diabetic management.

Diabetic Socks For Men

Men know the health benefits of wearing diabetic socks. This sock plays a significant role in treating conditions like diabetic neuropathy. Neuropathy is the loss of feeling in the foot and toe area. When you can’t feel pain you don’t realize you have a foot injury until you see blood on your diabetic socks. There is no toe seam to cause blisters or the discomfort of a cut.

Moisture Wicking

Diabetic research science recommends polyester microfibers for moisture management. Sweaty feet can lead to problems like cracks and cuts. If they go unnoticed an infection may set in, and then the risk of amputation.

Are these socks only for people with Diabetes?

A diagnosis of diabetes is all about insulin and blood sugars, and we may well ask what do diabetic socks have to do with finger pricking and glucose monitoring?

It turns out, not much. The diabetic socks for men and women are for control and treatment of nerve damage, particularly the tiny nerves furthest away from the heart. This damage to small nerve fibers results in loss of pain and thermal ( hot and cold) sensation.

You could walk around all day with a splinter in your foot and never feel a thing. Nerves and blood vessels in the feet are where blood flow (circulation) can become an issue. Due to diabetic nerve damage a condition known as diabetic neuropathy causes a lack of feeling in the feet. This can lead to cuts, bruises, and blisters, all leading to deeper infections such as ulcers. If left untreated this can end in amputation. 

It is not just diabetics who can benefit from the comfort of foot cushioning cotton. There are no toe seams in our diabetic socks. The loose fitting crew length top is non binding for all day comfort.

Customer Satisfaction

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K. R. Camden, NJ

“My diabetic socks are the first line of defense in foot injuries.

Augusta, ME.

“My husband and I wear our diabetic socks to bed for warmth.”

G.G. Biloxi, MS.

I borrowed a pair from my sister, and they are the most comfortable socks I ever wore!!